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t.Criticism of Orders Officers and employees shall not publicly criticize any instruction or order received from competent authority. Performance of Duty Officers and employees shall perform their duties as required or directed by law, departmental procedures, policies or orders, or by order of a command or supervisory officer. If you have a matter that requires local police action or assistance, please contact your nearest MSP post. Officers and employees shall not suggest, recommend, advise or otherwise counsel any person who comes to their attention as a result of police business, in the retention of any attorney, bail bond broker, tow service, alarm service, private investigator, or security service except in the case of relatives seeking such services or advice. Stored Property Ordinance/Sidewalk Nuisance Ordinance Enforcement schedule will be posted ahead of time. The ACLU of Hawaii demanded that the Department of Education and Honolulu Police Department expunge all records related to N.B.'s arrest, pay $500,000 in damages and adopt a raft of reforms. kk. mm. r.Police Identification Replicas, regardless of size, of the official badge, identification card of cap shield of the Hawaii Police Department shall not be purchased, acquired, or possessed by any officer or employee nor presented to any person without the prior approval of the Police Chief. Also, keep the return receipt to demonstrate that the complaint was delivered. a. This guide discusses the options and process for reporting police misconduct to the relevant county and state agencies in Hawaii. Citizens are encouraged toreport police misconductin an effort to address public concern, correct inappropriate behavior, and uphold the publics trust in their police department. a. Commercial Testimonials Officers and employees shall not permit their names or photographs to be used to endorse any product or service which is in any way connected with law enforcement, allow their names or photographs to be used in any commercial testimonial which alludes to their official position or employment without the permission of the Police Chief. Provide the date and time of the incident, as well as any later events that are related to the incident (e.g., called the police department to report the misconduct, went to hospital to treat injuries). Radio Shop: (808) 961-2280. Cooperation All officers and employees are charged with establishing and maintaining a high level of cooperation between other members and units of the department to ensure effective law enforcement. 0000050433 00000 n ll. Complaints against Honolulu Police Department officers can be filed in one of two places. ii. 5.2.17. 5.2.10. 5.2.18. Fill out, notarize, and submit within 60 days of the incident to: Honolulu Police Commission, 1060 Richards St., Suite 170 Honolulu, HI 96813, For questions about the process, call the Honolulu Police Commission: 808-723-7580, HPD PSO Written Complaint Form at honolulupd.org/complaints-against-hpd- employees/. Conduct from the Human Resources Division during their Criminal history records: 517-241-0606. Professional Conduct and Responsibilities. Availability of Weapons Members shall not place weapons or objects adaptable for use as weapons and capable of inflicting serious bodily injury, or permit such weapons or objects to remain unattended, in any location or place in a police building normally accessible to a prisoner, suspect, or other non-police person. BN:X[[['xK&vtvpvtttE,B_/JV0}>Bg(t3 Honolulu Police Communications Community Affairs Criminal Investigation Major Events Planning and Permitting Design and Construction Prosecuting Attorney Emergency Management Transportation Services Emergency Services Environmental Services Solid Waste Wastewater Systems Facility Maintenance Storm Water Quality Division Honolulu Fire Personal Preferment Officers and employees shall not seek to influence or intervene in departmental matters for purposes of personal preferment, advantage, transfer, or advancement except as provided for by Civil Service Rules and Regulations, departmental orders, policies and/or any collective bargaining contract. Major Gregory Osbun of our Professional Standards Office may be contacted at 723-3775. cc: The Honorable Karl Rhoads, Chair Senate Committee on Judiciary Honolulu Police Commission . %PDF-1.7 % Honolulu Police Department (HPD) and their use during the past year. Now hiring police recruits and communications officers. h.Firearms Discharge Officers are required to report any discharge of firearms (except routine target practice). Uniformed employees shall maintain a military bearing. You should also consider reporting the incident to the United States Department of Justice and submitting an intake to the ACLU of Hawaii. The badge number is on their metal badge, which officers also often display on their uniform. i. The fact that they may be technically off duty shall not relieve them from the responsibility of taking appropriate action in significant matters coming to their attention. Standard of Conduct Officers and employees shall conduct their lives in such a manner as to avoid bringing themselves or the department into disrepute. h.Exchanged/Use of Badge Prohibited The badge shall not be altered, exchanged or transferred except by order of the Police Chief. 0000014964 00000 n To recover monetary compensation, a civil lawsuit will likely be necessary. 0000016378 00000 n 0000001982 00000 n Falsification of Records Officers and employees shall not knowingly or intentionally falsify records or enter or cause to be entered any inaccurate, false, or improper information on any record or records of the department. If you were injured, after seeking medical attention, make sure todocument and photograph your injuries, including by requesting medical records. Orders will be countermanded or conflicting orders issued only when reasonably necessary for the good of the department. f.Assist those who cannot care for themselves. yB2JqZG:o]J.6BK!&-kao[g|d '}&_Cr*(l)(l{G{e=:YxC?NuC|!V%~ c{ endstream endobj 195 0 obj <> endobj 196 0 obj <> endobj 197 0 obj <> endobj 198 0 obj <>stream We recommend filing the complaint in both places if possible. government of the officers. 0000004925 00000 n 0000005430 00000 n 5.2.12. Mission Statement of the Michigan State Police. Otherwise, you could waive your constitutional rights, such as your right to remain silent, inadvertently. Your criminal defense attorney can advise you on whether and when to file a complaint against a police officer. Such reports are to be made according to current departmental procedures. f.Use of Intimidation in Legal Proceedings Members shall not use their official positions as a means of forcing or intimidating persons as witnesses or complainants in any legal proceeding. Return to top. 0000007201 00000 n Traffic Arrests, Officer Not in Uniform Members not in uniform shall not arrest traffic violators except when the violation is especially flagrant. Knowledge of Laws, Orders, Policies, etc. Learn about the types of supporting documents you will need to bring before apply. Existence of facts established by a test of evidence sufficient to convince a reasonable mind of guilt. In any event, caution shall be exercised to safeguard lives and property. 0000048372 00000 n Fill out, notarize, and submit 60 or more days after the incident to: Honolulu Police Department Attn: Professional Standards, Office 801 South Beretania St. Honolulu, HI 96813, For questions about the process, call the Professional Standards Office: 808-723-3775, WHERE TO FILE A COMPLAINT IN HAWAII COUNTY. As of the date of this letter, the HPD had 1,800 electric guns in its operation's inventory. "Our next Honolulu Police Department Chief must have the skillset and initiative to take immediate steps to solve our officer-retention problem that is hampering HPD's ability to reduce crime. He retired as a lieutenant in 2012 and is currently employed with the National Football League as their Security Representative in the State of Hawaii. Standards of Conduct (see the attachment) to all police officers 5.2. Conflicting Orders Upon receipt of an order conflicting with any previous order or instruction, the member affected shall advise the person issuing the order of this fact. Contact information for Freedom of Information Requests, Post Commanders, and the Webmaster. l.Enforce state and local laws and ordinances coming within the jurisdiction of the department. g.Arrest in Personal Quarrels Officers shall not make arrests in their own quarrels or those of their families except under grave circumstances such as would justify them in using measures of self-defense. The form must be notarized before being submitted. Wearing the Uniform Uniforms shall be kept clean, neat and well-pressed at all times. Depending on the body investigating the complaint, the officer may also be disciplined or even fired. Disclaimer, Copyright 2023 The Honolulu Police Department. in a public place. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sean's . jj. City and County of Honolulu o. Constitution of the United States and the Constitution The form must be notarized before being submitted. However, the Commission may accept late complaints for good cause. Employees are responsible for the proper care of departmental property and equipment assigned to them. AMBER Alert, Michigan Blue Alert, Public Threat Alert, Vulnerable Adult Medical Alert. How To Report Police Misconduct in Hawaii, What to Know About the Abortion Case that Could Ban Mifepristone. Caution: If criminal charges are pending against you, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney or public defender before making any type of complaint about police conduct. Honolulu, HI. * Otherwise depriving someone of constitutional rights. Ensuring that the police do not abuse their power is essential to our constitutional and legal system. orientation period. After a few months, you should receive a letter with the status of your complaint. Information on carrying concealed pistols, permits, renewal, frequently asked questions, pistol free areas, pistol safety training course information, and more. Compensation for Damages Sustained on Duty Officers and employees shall not seek in any way, or accept from any person, money or other compensation for damages sustained or expenses incurred in the line of duty except as authorized by the Police Chief. Learn about the Director of the Michigan State Police. s.Ticket Sales, Etc. Read Our Stories and News Releases. Firearms records: 517-241-1917. Mailing:P.O. 4.2. 0000007946 00000 n The Honolulu Police Department (Official Site) An Equal Opportunity Employer Honolulu Police Department 801 South Beretania Street Honolulu, HI 96813 City and County of Honolulu Emergency 911 or Contact (808)529-3111 Disclaimer Contact Us Sitemap Organization Info & Resources Community Programs Careers Police Services About Us Additional Links Honolulu video news releases, events, and activities. Apply online today. 801 South Beretania Street 0000039021 00000 n The Police Chief may, during any emergency, suspend temporarily or for a specific time any of the Standards of Conduct. All rights reserved. Absence from Duty Members shall appear for duty at the date, time and place specified unless excused by competent authority. When? We recommend mailing the written complaint together with supporting documentation by Certified Mail return receipt requested. Please make sure to make copies of everything submitted for your records. Appeals for relief from such orders may be made at the same time. Officers and employees shall not solicit any gifts, gratuities, loans or fees where there are any direct or indirect connections between solicitations and their departmental membership or employment. About City jobs, State Identification card, Driver's License, Real Property etc. The form must be notarized before being submitted. Notice of Suits Against Members Any member who has a damage suit filed against them by reason of an act performed by the member in the line of duty shall forthwith notify the Police Chief in writing, furnishing a copy of the complaint together with a statement of the date and time of service. Each Laboratorys Individual scope of accreditation may be found under the laboratory location page. Assisting in Civil Cases Unless carrying out a duty assignment, members on duty shall not participate in civil cases except to prevent or abate a breach of the peace or any other crime. Conduct toward Superior and Subordinate Officers & Associates Officers and employees shall treat superior officers, subordinates and associates with respect. Finally, make sure to make copies of all the documents and evidence for your records. 4. Professional Standards. All police departments have different ways for people to report misconduct by an officer. Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha will go on restricted duty after receiving a "target letter" from the FBI as part of an -hpd-officer-in-federal-case-against-the-kealohas">ongoing public . The Professional Standards Office is charged with ensuring the integrity of the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) by conducting fair and impartial investigations into allegations of police misconduct. ee. Lansing, Michigan 48909 The form must be notarized before being submitted. information on the page will be updated quarterly. )ib@ gK%Jx^3wpC.F x{x{A,40bq0`F 9k4NVF=aoS;}9|v8Q /} endstream endobj 201 0 obj <> endobj 202 0 obj [222 0 R] endobj 203 0 obj <>stream A criminal complaint can be made to county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Notwithstanding any provisions outlined in subsequent paragraphs of this section, maximum action for violations of a Class D Rule is suspension of ten (10) working days. DowntownChinatown, Nuuanu, Makiki, Ala Moana, Kakaako. The Honolulu Police Department is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). Should an unlawful order be given, the member affected will advise the person issuing the order of this fact. l.Good Order and Discipline Officers and employees shall not commit any act or commission which is contrary to and/or detrimental to the good order and discipline of the department. Reporting such misconduct is what this guide refers to as a complaint, which may result in an investigation and some findings on what happened. w.National Colors and Anthem Uniformed officers will render full military honors to the national colors and anthem at appropriate times. Concealed pistol licenses: 517-284-3700. The Professional Standards Office is charged with ensuring the integrity of the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) by conducting fair and impartial investigations into allegations of police misconduct. For the purpose of this section, it is not required that the member be convicted of a crime. Officers and employees of the department shall observe and obey all Federal and State Laws, Ordinances of the County of Hawaii and all orders, policies, directives, regulations, etc., of the Department. Find Community Events, download MSP Mobile, and more. Please update to a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to experience all features Michigan.gov has to offer. Box 30634 B. Responsibility for countermanding the original order or instruction then rests with the individual issuing the order. The purpose of this policy is to define and establish Standards of Conduct for all employees of the Hawaii Police Department. Conducting Personal Business Officers and employees are prohibited from conducting personal business while on duty. b. Instituting Civil Action Members shall not institute any civil action arising out of their official duties without prior written notification to the Police Chief. n.Radio Discipline Officers and employees operating police radio equipment shall observe regulations for such operation as set forth in departmental orders and by the Federal Communications Commission. The Traffic Division investigates certain motor vehicle collisions, promotes the safe and efficient movement of traffic on public roadways through educational and community programs, and gives presentations on traffic safety and enforcement laws to the community. Find Community Events, download MSP Mobile, and more. Location and other relevant circumstances? H\0{bia?Xw&cWXcoY!ypu6Au"`[3j/X\M]^h {\0W\5XTwC7B What is Mifepristone and Why is it Essential to Abortion Access? East HonoluluMoiliili, UH Manoa, Kaimuki, Kahala, Hawaii Kai. The form must be notarized before being submitted. Assistance Officers shall take appropriate police action toward aiding a fellow police officer exposed to danger or in a situation where danger may be impending. -Eto&0MZ0D6Wt`v>KImwaM38>x7BVVmyvv]f5oG?}!4gfSzmM=4?6yS-%e|lgMi^|5OBqQ&quI.l,d?+ PROCEDURES. 5.2.3. 0000016102 00000 n Information on Laws & Statutes relating to the Michigan State Police. Non-compliance with Unlawful Orders No officer or employee is required to obey an order which is contrary to federal and state law, local ordinances of the County of Hawaii, or regulations, orders, policies, or directives of the department. {ejcO?Y} e.Overbearing Conduct Overbearing or oppressive conduct shall not be practiced under color of police authority. Emergency 911 or Contact (808)529-3111 j. p.Reports Officers and employees shall promptly submit such reports as are required in performance of their duties. Police Commission Police Chief Office of Professional Standards / Criminal Intelligence Unit Deputy Police Chief Administrative Bureau Administrative Services Finance Word Processing Public Relations Special Response Team Accreditation Human Resources Safety/Workers Comp Personnel Training Community Relations / Research & Development That includes (1) the people directly affected or harmed by the police misconduct (e.g., the. Information about the History of the Michigan State Police. Hawaii typically does not represent individuals in lawsuits primarily seeking monetary compensation. H\0F`(R$RQ3} N "dtdl{u=t$c_$m]JP~qhxx4Fqc]*}~&Z4R _qvhz;=o|'d0uPnVjuFtUcx]D&@Y,rHBR2rB@z It shall be the policy of the Hawaii Police Department that sworn officers and civilian employees shall be subject to all Standards of Conduct and all directives, orders and procedures of the Hawaii Police Department at all times, whether on or off duty, including all periods of absence, whether authorized or unauthorized. The Community Affairs Division is responsible for operating, coordinating, and maintaining the departments community relations, special awards, and projects. The Major Events Division is responsible for assisting with the management of major events that exceed the capabilities and resources of a patrol division. Court Attendance Officers and employees shall be punctual in court attendance and be clean and neat in appearance. 4.3. 0000004451 00000 n City and County of Honolulu 5.1.1. When in doubt on whether the officer was on duty or under the color of authority, we recommend submitting a complaint to the Commission for its independent investigation and determination of that question. 5.2.9. Emergency   911   or Contact   (808) 529-3111  . Complaints against Kauai Police Department officers can be filed in one of two places. 4.1. HWnH}Wm KJ,h,bH,z(*~W1XYU]SL2e~.'Lg qp?Px/uA@eFW2!`*YJ@ipr;T)dz;7)A%KN2YH+$!$%LzAxgkeHP@|_p3eDR+T![=+V82M1mu%5~A,YVKKS }6R&3(Uc?NDdN\>$SuTTvp>h6 qQS,%&Yf.Z|z5/7FL?HIV$Rh 'jH1_Y_}]xpfTM>>RjWm*G"^zT$O6Ty"rV(,E=L>u1YE:mn6+v\C.M=/gqj>- fc]qHQG,S*\F~v)7468e2ajA08DE'> GwN g8]ww2 hr7 Loyalty Officers and employees shall maintain loyalty to the department and their associates as is consistent with the law and the law enforcement code of ethics. Any unauthorized gifts, gratuities, loans, fees, rewards or other things which come into the possession of officers or employees shall be forwarded to the office of the Police Chief together with a written report of the circumstances which led to such possession. I served 20 years in the Honolulu Police Department attaining the rank of Sergeant, assigned as a Detective, Robbery . x. Disclaimer, Copyright 2023 The Honolulu Police Department. c.Aid individuals in danger of physical harm. The Communications Division is the largest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the state and receives all 911 calls on Oahu. . Playing Cards or Pool on Duty Members on duty in uniform shall not engage in any game of cards, billiards, pool, etc. Honolulu, HI 96813 Police departments have different requirements for submitting a complaint. A. An Equal Opportunity Employer Their findings are forwarded to the HPDs Administrative Review Board for its review and recommendation to the Chief of Police. e.Transportation of Public The public may be transported in a police vehicle, to include subsidized vehicles, only when necessary to accomplish a police purpose. General Responsibilities Officers shall, at all times, take appropriate action to: a. FSD is accredited to the ISO 17025:2017 standard and AR 3125 supplemental standard by ANAB for forensic testing in Biology, Document Examination, Firearms and Tool Marks, Fire Debris and Explosives, Footwear and Tire, Friction Ridge, Trace Materials, Seized Drugs, Scene Investigation, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and Toxicology. Information on Aviation, Field Support, & Operations. Chief Arthur Joe Logan was appointed Chief of Police on June 14, 2022. This report shall contain the facts of the incident and the action taken. f.Traffic Regulations Officers and employees shall comply with traffic regulations and signals except when operating emergency vehicles under the exemptions granted by law. endstream endobj 16 0 obj <> endobj 3 0 obj <> endobj 5 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 6 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 10 0 obj <>stream Information about the History of the Michigan State Police. Read Our Stories and News Releases. 0000006093 00000 n Manner of Issuing Orders Orders from command or supervisory officers to subordinates shall be in clear, understandable language, civil in tone and issued in pursuit of departmental business. Find all departments and agencies forms in one central location. Purchase of Liquor Officers in uniform shall not enter any place where intoxicating liquors are kept or offered for sale for the purpose of purchasing same. An Equal Opportunity Employer Obedience to Laws, Written Orders, Policies, etc. The Narcotics/Vice Division conducts investigations and enforces the laws, ordinances, and regulations that lead to the disruption and dismantling of organizations involved in illegal drugs, prostitution, pornography, and gambling. Filing such a. complaint will not, by itself, result in monetary compensation to the victim. Staff inspection: An annual inspection by the Professional Standards Office (PSO) that examines an element's facilities, property and equipment, personnel . e.Facilitate the movement of people and vehicles. Orders of Command or Supervisory Officers Officers and employees shall obey all lawful orders and directives given by command or supervisory officers, including any order relayed from a superior by an employee of the same or lesser rank. Complaints against Maui Police Department officers can be filed in one of two places. trailer <]/Prev 216683>> startxref 0 %%EOF 226 0 obj <>stream Approval will not be given when the seller may be identified as a member of the department. c.Repetitious violations for which disciplinary action is imposed shall be considered grounds for dismissal. The Accreditation Section is responsible for documenting the departments continuing compliance with applicable standards. Unless otherwise directed, uniforms shall be worn complete. Dimondale, Michigan 48821 While you may want to answer questions, we suggest not speculating and sticking to what you said in the complaint. and this document shall be used for the control, disposition, and 5.2.4. The Quality Assurance Section conducts staff inspections of other units operations, administrative procedures, personnel, equipment, health and safety practices, and for any other requirements that may be necessary or evident to identify performance efficiency characteristics. 0000053706 00000 n New employees will receive their copies of the Standards of Below are the rules and procedures for some of the relevant bodies: While the processes for each department and commission are different, you generally can expect the following after filing a complaint. The division is also responsible for serving warrants, administering the registration of alarms and firearms, handling evidence, and fingerprinting. 5.2.11. Obedience to Unjust Orders Upon receipt of an order that is felt to be unjust, the affected officer or employee will advise the person issuing the order of this fact. Learn about the REAL ID, why you need it and how to get one. Professional Standards Office To file a complaint with the Professional Standards Office (which is the Honolulu Police Department's "internal affairs" office), the complaint can involve any of the following (1) on-duty misconduct reported 60 days after the incident, (2) off duty misconduct, (3) crimes committed by officers, and Phone: (530) 752-7518 The Professional Standards Unit of the UC Davis Police Department is responsible for maintaining the integrity and professionalism of the Police Department and its employees ensuring standards are maintained through transparency and accountability. The division is divided into four sections: Administrative Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Quality Assurance, and Accreditation. The department's jurisdiction is the City and County of Honolulu. Equipment All equipment must be clean, in good working order and conform to department specification. Reporting Accidents Accidents involving officers and employees, county property and/or equipment must be reported in accordance with adopted procedures. Even when the process works, people reporting police misconduct can expect to wait several years before any action is taken against the offending officers. Not sustained: the investigation failed to discover sufficient evidence to support the complaint. An Equal Opportunity Employer uuid:3fd465b8-2719-494d-9396-2f92bb0c235e If compliance of the order is insisted upon, the order must be obeyed to the best of the officers or employees ability and the affected member may then proceed to appeal as provided herein. 7150 Harris Drive To file a complaint with the Kauai Police Commission, the complaint must involve misconduct that took place within 30 days from the filing of the complaint. Unfounded: the investigation indicated that the alleged misconduct did not occur. Information on Laws & Statutes relating to the Michigan State Police. Information relating to fire investigations including field office locations, arson tip line ,fire investigation services and fire fighter training information. Reports and Appeals Unlawful, Unjust, Conflicting Orders Officers and employees receiving unlawful, unjust or conflicting orders shall, at the first opportunity, report in writing to the Police Chief through official channels. Generally, police commissions do not have the authority to directly discipline an officer. The complaint and supporting documentation should be submitted using the HPC Statement Form, Written Complaint available on the Honolulu Police Departments website.

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